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Photo of Andrew Sispoidis

Andrew Sispoidis

A technologist and entrepreneur, Andrew is championing a vision for secure global communication.

Global Communication Security

An earthquake can shut down mobile communications in a matter of minutes. A dictator can shut off the internet with the flick of a switch. Is that right? Do people have a right to communicate? And, do we have the technology to uphold that right?

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Photo of Stavros Michailidis

Stavros Michailidis

An expert in creativity and innovation, Stavros empowers organizational innovation.

Building Momentum for Great Ideas

Is there an invisible element at play that's determining the fate of our projects and initiatives? What if we could become aware of that element, understand it, measure it, and affect it? Would we ever look at creativity, innovation, and leadership the same again?

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Photo of Andy Burnett

Andy Burnett

Creativity consultant with a passion for technology

Frictionless Creativity

If you could build your ideal creative space, what would it look like? Most of us don't have the chance to build a truly personalised 'ideas lab', but the growth of computing power, coupled with the internet, means that this is about to change.

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Photo of Jean Tang

Jean Tang

In 2007, Jean Tang saw the need for a 2.6-second website: bite-sized, seductive, and jargon-free. The lawyer-turned-journalist brought on other talented writers to help-and created MarketSmiths, which offers business "copywriting for humans" in every subject, every voice, and every format.

Declaring War on Bland: Copywriting as Fresh Literature

Classic literature had it right from the start. For centuries, it told stories in voices captivating enough to get read, studied, quoted...and revered. Today, great writing still has the power to move. But it's become rare, and-ironically-devalued. How do we raise its worth, and give it the potential to impact and enhance each of our lives, every single day?

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Photo of Khaled Dajani and Kelley Donovan & Dancers

Khaled Dajani and Kelley Donovan & Dancers

Khaled's music is the definition of East meets West. The singer/guitarist fuses different musical genres from the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Americas into soulful arrangements and intricate rhythms. Kelley Donovan splits her time between Boston and New York City, teaching in both cities and has performed work by Ann Carlson and Liz Lerman. She received her training in choreography from Mark Morris and Bessie Schonberg, and has shown work in Boston and at the Cunningham Studio, Joyce SoHo, Movement Research, The Rover and the 92nd St. Y.

Motion of the Dancers

Kelley Donovan and Dancers dance to Khaled's Motion of the Dancers, an instrumental piece written to describe an intense sensual relationship which is about to take place. The music describes the chase or dance that occurs between two lovers upon their first connection and the journey that connection endures. The ups and downs detail the struggles and victories of the chase resulting in a climax leaving the lovers breathless.

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Photo of Marshall Bergmann

Marshall Bergmann

Marshall uses simulations and games to accelerate corporate strategy and change behavior.

The Hidden Power of Games

Organizations are beginning to recognize that games can be an effective tool to drive sales, and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. As corporations become more comfortable with the concept of using games as a sales and marketing vehicle the next logical step is to turn the focus inward and begin to use games to change employee behavior to build alignment and engagement. This talk will provide insights into how leading global organizations are using games to change employee behavior and achieve results.

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Photo of Sophy Bot

Sophy Bot

Sophy Bot has a knack for seamlessly transitioning from artist to consultant and back again, blending elements of the two to foster greater innovation. With one foot firmly in each the business and creative worlds, Bot uses her uniquely dual vantage point to introduce new ways of thinking about common issues.

The Hipster Effect

Who am I? A question for the ages, but one that has fundamentally altered since the advent of the internet and the rise of social networks. Bot will discuss how the internet has changed the way we form our personal and group identities, and what’s going to happen as those changes begin to follow us offline and into the office.

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Photo of Simon Crosby

Simon Crosby

Cloud builder turned rainmaker innovating at the intersection of humanity and technology; husband, father, sailor and lover of extreme challenges

Lessons from Troy and Byzantium - Computers that Defend You in Cyberspace

We ‘live’ online almost as vibrantly as we do in the real world, blindly trading intimate minutiae for free apps. But sloppy security gives those with malicious intent easy access. Who are they? What are they after? And what if we could build computers that would defend you by design?

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Photo of Jim Holm

Jim Holm

Co-Founder of the Clean Oceans Project.

The Clean Oceans Project

There is an estimate 97 million pounds of plastic in the Pacific Ocean. Plastic is poisonous to marine life, and it's beginning to break down into smaller and smaller parts. Jim and the Clean Oceans Project are beginnig to do something about it.

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Photo of Dimis Michaelides

Dimis Michaelides

Consultant, author and magician, Dimis has inspired innovation world-wide.

The Art of Innovation

Recognizing the multidimensional nature of innovation and with a touch of magic, Dimis calls for action at different levels to embed innovation in the DNA of organizations.

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Photo of Malcolm Bell

Malcolm Bell

eCommerce Disrupter

Inspirational Social Media Lesson from Death

Is the true power of social commerce more than we percieve? Malcolm will take you on a journey through the future of social media.

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Photo of Gemma Bulos

Gemma Bulos

Gemma Bulos is an international award-winning social entrepreneur and musical activist.

How to Accidentally Change the World

Changing the world is not what you think. You don't need a billion dollars, a degree from Harvard, or any special talents. It starts with passion...

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Photo of Gerard J. Puccio, Ph.D.

Gerard J. Puccio, Ph.D.

Gerard is chair and professor of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State, a unique academic department that offers the world’s only Master of Science degree in Creativity and Change Leadership.

Creativity as a Life Skill

In the face of a fast changing and increasingly more complex world, many argue that creativity and innovation are crucial 21st century skills. Unfortunately schools and organizations seem to be ill equipped to promote this critical skill. Discover what you can do to reclaim and sustain this life skill.

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Photo of Mary Davis Holt

Mary Davis Holt

Inspirational woman, career coach and speaker who uses stories from her 30 year tenure managing operations from the C-suite.

Break Your Own Rules

Rethink the rules you have in your head about how you manage your career: often our own unrecognized assumptions stop us from getting to the top. Learn from a master.

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Photo of Patrick Stanley

Patrick Stanley

Patrick studies disruptive technology and entrepreneurship.

When Will the College Bubble Burst?

Is the four-year college the best way to educate today's youth in a rapidly changing job market? With private college tuition projected to reach 500k in 18 years, how can we create better alternatives for those who can't afford it?

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Photo of David Grinspoon

David Grinspoon

A Sagan medalist, NASA-funded astrobiologist and currently a visiting scholar at the Library of Congress, David is at the forefront of understanding life in the universe.

Terra Sapiens: Planetary Changes of the Fourth Kind

The more we study the history and nature of Earth’s biosphere, the more we see that life has become an integral aspect of Earth, not something that has happened on an otherwise lifeless planet. The arrival of the “Anthropocene Epoch”, where humans have become a major geological force, suggests the possibility that intelligence, too, may become a planetary property on Earth and, perhaps, elsewhere.

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Photo of Amikaeyla Gaston

Amikaeyla Gaston

Amikaeyla Gaston is an international award-winning singer, activist, and executive director/founder of the International Cultural Arts & Healing Sciences Institute

Dare to be Dauntless!

Surviving a hate crime and near death experience, Amikaeyla discovered the power to overcome fear, become dauntless, and heal through music. Taking this gift to political refugees, war survivors, and at-risk people worldwide, she co-creates musical miracles. Amikaeyla ignites the belief in all who meet her that even the deepest wounds and the most devastating losses can be healed.

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Photo of Michael Crouch

Michael Crouch

As the co-coordinator of the Fairfield County Trauma Recovery Network in Connecticut, Michael has worked with a number of first responders including local and State Police, Firefighters and EMTs. He is inspired by these men and women, who do their jobs with amazing courage and commitment but also with caring and compassion.

The Cost of Courage: We Need to Pay Attention

When we take the risk to acknowledge and embrace our vulnerabilities we find true grit... our purpose.

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Photo of Caroline Adams Miller

Caroline Adams Miller

Caroline Adams Miller is an author on a mission! A survivor of her own life-threatening struggle and a scholar of others', Caroline has immersed herself in the world of Positive Psychology and has emerged with a question and an idea...

The Moments that Make Champions

What are three things we can choose to do differently to improve our chances of developing grit? Can we learn how to turn micromoments in each day into the habits of resilient champions?

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Photo of Harvey Rubin

Harvey Rubin

Dr. Harvey Rubin is on the brink of a powerful social innovation. He is a Professor of Medicine, Microbiology and Computer Science, and the Director of the Institute for Strategic Threat Analysis and Response at the University of Pennsylvania

Keeping Inoculations Cool

What can you do with a cell phone tower, a refrigerator and a shipment of vaccines? Apparently, save millions of lives!

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Photo of Harriet Taub

Harriet Taub

Harriet is a fearless reuser. She transforms otherwise useless materials into fuel for artistic endeavor at NYC's landmark reuse program: Material for the Arts.

Creative Reuse

In a world that is predisposed to the disposable way of life, can we change attitudes towards waste through the arts and education?

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Photo of Nir Barzilai

Nir Barzilai

Nir Barzilai is a Professor of Medicine and Genetics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Deputy Scientific Director at the American Federation for Aging Research. He has pioneered breakthrough research on the biology of aging.

How to Die Young at a Very Old Age

Aging is a common risk factor for many diseases, including cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease. Rather than treating each disease separately, the most practical approach is to delay aging altogether. Learn about our efforts to help everyone die young at a very old age.

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