Hurricane Harvey

We will be donating a portion of tonight's proceeds to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort.

We invite our attendees and friends to join us. Please feel free to choose a charity or organization you trust in.

Photo of Hurricane Harvey Damage by Joe Raedle

Photo by Joe Raedle (Getty Images)

Ideas Are Only the Beginning!

Just sit quiet and listen to the speaker? Not a chance! TEDxGramercy brings together some of the most innovative New Yorkers. We engage the discourse, debate ideas deeply, ponder profound questions, and never shy away from the very real complexities of our evolving world.

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Photo of All Design is Experience Design

All Design is Experience Design

For the past fifteen years, artist and architect Abraham Burickson has been working with artists of all kinds to create day-long, week-long, even month-long performances for one person audiences. To create the experiences, which are transformative and overtake all aspects of the audience's life, Burickson and his collaborators begin with a fundamental provocation: all art and design–from architecture to graphics, playwriting to novel writing, painting to performance art–is experience design. What results is a radically different approach to creativity that forces audiences and artists into a deep, relational, and ultimately transformative embrace.

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Photo of The Future of Democracy

The Future of Democracy

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
6:00 PM

Democracy first emerged in Ancient Athens when a war among aristocrats reached a point of desperation. Power ended up in the hands of the people, and centuries of prosperity followed. There's more to that story, but many of us in New York, and around the world today find ourselves asking, "What is the future of our democracy?"

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