TEDxGramercy Terms

We skipped on the heavy legal speak here. We don't believe in serves anyone's interest to bury intentions in run-on sentence spaghetti. If you feel like there's more information that you want, or if you need clarity on anything, please reach out to us. Use the contact form in the footer of our website.

Your Data

We use your data in simple ways. We use your email address to email you your ticket(s), or our newsletter (of course you can unsubscribe anytime). We use your name to print your name badge if you attend an event. We do not sell your contact info to spammers, or anyone else for that matter, so no worries there.


We take security very seriously. We do not store your financial data (credit card number, expiration date, etc) ever! In fact your financial data never even hit our servers. They go straight from your browser to our payment processor (more info here: https://stripe.com/help/security). Also, all of the traffic to and from our website and your browser is encrypted (scrambled before it goes out, and unscrambled only when it gets where it's going). Notice the little padlock next to our website in the URL bar (or the 's' in 'https://tedxgramercy.com/').

Live Events

This is the fun stuff! We host live events throughout the year, and attending has a few implication you should be aware of. First, our events and filmed, sometimes broadcast live, and published online. We make promo videos, and use footage in all sorts of crazy and inspiring ways. By attending an event you consent to being a part of this amazing movement... in high definition! So, now that you know you'll be on camera, please be your best self : )


Most of the time we charge for attending our events. Refunds are not guaranteed, but not out of the question. We will try to be fair and generous.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to help us craft a seamless experience for our website users. This means a cookie is loaded on your browser and reports back which pages you visited, which links you clicked, and so on. Your name, and email and other personal data are not in any way associated with this analytics data. If you do not want to be tracked we recommend the "disconnect" browser addon. (https://disconnect.me)