The TEDxGramercy Team

Costa Michailidis

Surfing Waves of Ideas

Costa is a true believer in the power of ideas. He works as an Innovation Consultant, debates political, philosophical, and scientific thinking in his free time, and dreams of social entrepreneurship. He has shared TED talks with thousands of people and is excited to share them with thousands more.

Katie Tracy Kennedy

Making It Happen

Katie is a TED talk junkie, adventure traveler, artist, green movement mover and a passionate entrepreneur. To keep the lights on, she is a professional marketer in the world of information technology, constantly fighting the good fight.

Alex Kosoglyadov

Laugh, Think, Cry

Alex has spent much of his life working on Wall Street, yet his greatest work has taken place on a wrestling mat and beside a campfire. He has a dedication to spark self-reflection and ignite confidence in those around him. He lives with an open mind, an appreciation of where he came from, and a heart-full of desire for where he wants to be.

Ellora Islam

Vibrant Inspiration

Ellora is the event production mastermind. She's got a near-prophetic grasp of every broad concept and tiny detail required to masterfully execute grand-scale events. She's executed virtual and in-person events across borders and oceans, and is incredibly excited to be flexing her event production muscles in a setting as inspiring as TEDx.

Kelsey Crouch

Revved, Pumped and Ready

Born an actor, the middle child of nine, Kelsey has mastered the art and skills of communication. She is an actress, an advocate, a yogi, a chef, and an NPR junkie. She'll cook your meal while debating social issues holding warrior pose, all the while reading your mind and adjusting her spices. (She's a Jedi! Shh, don't tell.)

Amanda D'Annucci-Kean

Ideas Brought to Life

A former TEDx Speaker and offspring of the New York City theater scene, Amanda co-organizes TEDxGramercy. She's an avid improviser, expert storyteller, and just plain cool! She believes that ideas have the power to change the way people think and act, and through that, hey, maybe even the world.