Khaled Dajani and Kelley Donovan & Dancers

Khaled's music is the definition of East meets West. The singer/guitarist fuses different musical genres from the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Americas into soulful arrangements and intricate rhythms. Kelley Donovan splits her time between Boston and New York City, teaching in both cities and has performed work by Ann Carlson and Liz Lerman. She received her training in choreography from Mark Morris and Bessie Schonberg, and has shown work in Boston and at the Cunningham Studio, Joyce SoHo, Movement Research, The Rover and the 92nd St. Y.

Motion of the Dancers

Kelley Donovan and Dancers dance to Khaled's Motion of the Dancers, an instrumental piece written to describe an intense sensual relationship which is about to take place. The music describes the chase or dance that occurs between two lovers upon their first connection and the journey that connection endures. The ups and downs detail the struggles and victories of the chase resulting in a climax leaving the lovers breathless.